Thursday, March 15, 2007

The perils of being bad at math

March XV

Dear Diary,
I don't know why I'm getting all shook up about this. Why should I trust what that soothsayer says about "the ides of March"? He didn't even get a single Hippodrome pick correct. I mean, what's gonna happen? Are they gonna assassinate me? I'm Julius fornicatin' Caesar! Who could possibly want to kill me? Just to be safe, though, I'll beef up security tomorrow.

OW! Ow! Owie! Ow! No, you idiot, don't record the "ow" parts! Note to self: Stop writing your personal diary by dictation.
Oh man! You too, Brutus? I thought we were best buds! OW!

Happy Ides of March, everybody. Beware, though!


Gregory said...

Nothing like some gallows humor to brighten up my day.

Allen, you know Hebrew don't you? Get on Yahoo! messenger so I can talk to ya.

Diesel said...

Caesar? I barely know her!