Wednesday, March 21, 2007

That explains it! addendum

Apparently, the calendar I was looking at when I stated that yesterday was the first day of Spring was made in a factory which shares some real estate with the Twilight Zone. Yesterday was not the first day of Spring. Today is. Unless, of course, you are reading this post tomorrow, in which case yesterday was the first day of Spring, not two days ago.
Or, as a wise, if rather inebriated, man once said, “Yesterday is the tomorrow you worried about two days ago.” I think that’s how it went. Perhaps it was “Tomorrow is the yesterday you’ll look back on and laugh about, two days hence, unless it goes really horribly.”

Then again, maybe it wasn’t the wise old drunk that said it. Maybe I read it in a fortune cookie at the H.G. Wells Restaurant, which wasn’t there today when I went past it next Thursday.

Mistakes were made, and will pay for it. Don’t worry Diesel. I’ll never have done this again before I do it. I’m just all kinds of tense today.

It still doesn’t explain the ubiquitous springs, though.


Diesel said...

If I told you once, I will tell you a million times...

Sorry, my past is imperfect and my present is tense.

Come play in my caption contest!

FIAR said...

The first day of spring was like a week ago. You didn't think about that one, now did you?