Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Invisible Man

At first, I didn’t believe in him at all. Oh I had heard of him, sure enough, but who hadn’t? Belief, however, was an entirely different matter. I mean, come on! A real, live person who couldn’t be seen! Ridiculous!

I had even read articles and books by people who said that they knew for certain that he was real. They knew this guy, they said. Some had claimed to talk to him. Others claimed that he had spoken to them. I’m not sure which is more nuts: Claiming to hear the voice of someone you can’t see—or claiming to have spoken to such a person! How could you be sure that you weren’t speaking to empty space, in the latter case, or just insane, in the former one?

When I finally met him, I was sure I had made a major discovery. His opinion on the matter was a bit different, though. He claimed that it was he who had discovered me! Yes, that’s right. I talked to him, and he talked to me. I have joined the ranks of the lunatics!

A man who cannot be seen, but is most certainly real… how can such a person exist? My rational mind still boggles. I can’t explain it. I don’t understand it, myself. But he is. The Invisible Man lives and is still at large.

The only hint I can give you is this: watch for his footprints. Watch for things inexplicably moved. Follow the path of convinced believers, and you’ll be on his trail soon enough. Don’t worry. If he’s looking for you—and I think he is—you’ll find him.

Have you seen the Invisible Man?


Big Ear Creations said...

Yes... his name is... Dave... (gentle internal weeping)

Allen said...

Ah! So you do know him!

Harry L said...

Yes, he's the prankster that is always moving my sunglasses and keys somewhere just as I'm getting ready to leave.

Allen said...

Nope, that's me.

Diesel said...

Thanks for the warning. My house is now rigged with traps.