Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ohio church noise bothers neighbors

Fri Apr 27, 5:50 PM ET

Is it worship? Or disturbing the peace?

Neighbors of Worshippers of Christ the Warrior King Church have petitioned the city, saying screams and sounds of glory and praise coming from the building are a nuisance. But church members contend they're being harassed because of how they worship.

"Sunday morning is God's day of worship," the Rev. Troy Sowell said. "I'm not going to tell this congregation, 'You're being too loud.'"

Sowell says he's open to finding a solution but is not going to forfeit his right to worship God.

Police responded to noise complaints three consecutive days during a revival last year, after the congregation moved in.

"They have a sound system over there that is very loud," said neighbor Reginald Winters. "I'm in my house with the door shut, and literally, my windows are vibrating in my house. ... This year, it's started right back up."

The church closed its doors and windows, but the complaints have continued, said Jerena Copeland, associate pastor.

Sowell said light bulbs have been stolen from the building and beer bottles have been wedged beneath the tires of members' vehicles.

Church members recently met with Police Chief Robert Williams.

"I'm still hoping for an amicable, diplomatic solution," said Williams, an ordained minister and the son of a pastor.

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Carolina Cannonball said...

"Worshippers of Christ the Warrior King Church" ... well if its anything like the Pentecostal Free Will Snake Throwing Baptist Church of Christ in Cullman Alabama then I can see the neighbors cause for concern.

Allen said...

Ah yes! I've been there! Very few folks have seen a Pentecostal free will snake, and fewer still have seen one that throws Baptists, but this place has both! Amazing!

verification: ykkyamw - Inuit word meaning the snow falling off the face of someone who's been hit with a snowball for making a smart-aleck comment about someone else's religion.

Carolina Cannonball said...

is it still techincally a religion if its made up? ;-)

Allen said...

That depends upon your definition of "religion." A lot of belief systems that are considered a "religion," I would classify as "made up."
Now, making up eskimo words, THAT'S a serious problem!