Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Plans are underway to launch the space shuttle Atlantis later this week. The purpose of the launch is to take astronauts to the Space Station.

I don't know about you, but I question the naming of this vessel. This is the strong, stalwart craft that will make the long trek out into space, carrying and protecting human lives both, on the journey out and the trip back home. Was naming this thing after a mythical city that sank beneath the ocean really the best idea? It just doesn't seem like a vote of confidence.

Here is a list of other names that would have been equally as good:
-Edsel 2.0
-Phoenix (the bird, not the city)
-Icarus (I'm not too sure this wasn't already used for some other craft)
-New Coke Redux

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The space shuttle New Coke Redux has successfully docked with Space Station!


The Drive-by Blogger said...

Well, BetaMax gets my vote, but how about:




Of course, for those who are fans of badminton and ribald humor there is of course...the shuttlecock.

Allen said...

XFL! Ha!