Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sunday School Sea Shanty, pt 2

I'm still looking for a midi or other soundfile of "Barnacle Bill the Sailor," Drive-By. Once I find one, I'll "filk" away. Until then...

The Ballad of the S.S. Ark
(To the tune of Greenland Whale Fisheries)

The Lord God spoke to Noah,
And this is what He did say,
"Build an ark, build an ark -
"A big box boat*," He said,
"And prepare to sail away, (said God)
"And prepare to sail away."

"The ark shall be 25 yards wide
"And 150 yards long.
"And 15 high,
"With one window and one door.
"And make it nice and strong, (God said)
"And make it nice and strong."

"Give it three big decks and plenty of rooms,
"And coat it with pitch," said He.
"And build the whole thing
"Out of gopher wood." -
Whatever that may be, (I dunno)
Whatever that may be.**

"For this world is full of violence,
"Corruption, evil and sin.
"So I'm going to wash
"All those sinners away,
"And start all over again, (God said)
"And start all over again."

"But you I'll save. Take your family
"And all the supplies you will need.
"And take a pair
"Of each common animal,
"And seven of the clean, (God said)
"And seven of the clean."

So they all went in, and God shut the door.
And nothing happened for a week.
Then it rained and it poured!
40 days and nights it fell,
Like the sky had sprung a leak! (It rained!)
Like the sky had sprung a leak!

The water covered everything,
All life on earth did stop.
For one hundred days,
And fifty more,
The ark floated 'round on top, (it did)
The ark floated 'round on top.

Then the water started going down,
And the voyage came to an end,
When the ark got stuck
On the mount's of Ararat,
And they all got out again, (they did)
And they all got out again.

God put a rainbow in the sky,
And he said it was a sign
That he'd never destroy
All the earth with a flood.
No, He'll use fire next time, (in the end)
No, He'll use fire next time.
*"A big box boat" - The word "ark" means, literally, "box." Thus, the "ark of the covenant."
**"gopher wood" is merely a transliteration of the Hebrew word "gopher." Translators are a bit uncertain what that really means, though at lest one translation renders it "cypress."

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