Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And now the headlines...

Hurricane Felix Approaches Land; Begins Pulling Improbable Items From Magic Bag.

Buckingham Palace Hires First Female Beefeater; Marge Simpson Gets New Career.

King Midas Rejects Budget Proposal As Too Prohibitive.

Child Does Something Cute; Everyone Says, "Aaaww."

Tortoise Beats Hare; Denies Steroid Use.

Blogger Suffers Writer's Block; Does Goofy Headline Post.


Gregory said...

You're way funnier than I ever was with KK. You need to make a banner or something and get people to advertise for you.

Allen said...

Coming from you that's quite a compliment! I used to read KK with a squeegee onhand in case I sprayed coffee on the screen. (This was kind of disturbing if I wasn't drinking coffee at the time...)

Diesel had a banner for my site on humor-blogs, but I'm a bit of troglodyte in figuring out how to make it work.