Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Arsonist Who Loved Catnip, pt 3

Though clearly the leader of the feline revolution, Muffy sought Cat’s sagely advice. “How shall we begin to make our statement of dissatisfaction known?”

Cat leaned a bit to his left haunch, and was silent for a few moments. He closed his eyes in thoughtful repose and began to snore. Fonzie swiped at him with her paw and he snorted awake.

“Well?” pressed Muffy.

“Imminent travel plans will lead to excitement, mystery, and new relationships,” intoned Cat gravely.


“Your lucky numbers are 5, 27, 115, 19, and 43,” Cat continued.

Fonzie raised her paw again, and sharp claws gleamed in the night. “Lemme’ hit ‘im again! Please?”

“No!” yelped Boo-Boo Kittie. “Let’s blow him up!”

“You cannot step into the same river,” said Cat.

“I’m with Boo on this one,” grunted Cyclops, “Let’s ice old Number-Two-With-Eggrolls!”

“Your lucky numbers are 11, 8, 23.”

“No. Not yet,” replied Muffy firmly. “I don’t understand, Cat. What does that mean?”

“I do not know. That tiny sacred scroll was torn, and the rest of its wisdom lost, like a whisper during a waterfall.”

“Never mind. Here’s what we’re gonna do…”

An hour or so later, Tower of Flour Bakery erupted, lighting the night a sickly orange-red and scattering a snow of ashes, flour and baking powder over a four block radius. Witnesses told the investigating officer that they had seen five very white cats skittering away from the scene a minute or so before the incident.

“Muffy!” growled Ian Ferno under his breath, hand clutching unconsciously at his bandaged left shoulder.

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