Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Eyeball Soup for the MonsterKid's Soul

Or, Fuel For Your Inner Monster Child's Motor Scooter:

As you might suspect, based on this blog's title and content, I have a particular fondness for old classic monster movies and 1950s sci-fi films. If you are a like-minded brain in a jar, or if you are still dragging around that meat-suit you call a body but still like monsters, the following selections will help nourish that affinity.

Eek! is the name of a comic strip I just discovered ("discovered" in the sense that Columbus discovered America.) Mummies, werewolves, Black Lagoon-based Creatures, and other such delightful people are regular denizens of this one-panel salute to monstrous--ahem--comedy.

Swing by the site daily, or have it delivered free to your e-mail! As Frankenstein says, Comic Good!


Also, sating my monster-ous appetite is this book by Adam Rex.

It's juvenile poetry, geared for the 5-10 set, according to the cover. However, it's very funny, even for adults--whatever those are...

In this book, Frankenstein's monster goes next door to borrow sandwich fixings and brings an angry mob down upon him; the Creature from the Black Lagoon fails to wait an hour after lunch before going swimming (that one's a little dark, actually); and Dracula has spinach stuck in his teeth. Additionally, the artwork is fun, and often references the original films. (This is especially true of the Phantom of the Opera send-up, in which he gets "It's a Small World After All" stuck in his head--just like it's now stuck in yours! Heh-heh-heh!)

A particularly good gift for kids who like monsters, or who are being raised to like monsters by monster-fan parents (you know who you are!)

Please! Won't somebody think of the (monster-loving) children?!!

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