Monday, November 26, 2007

Grammar and Spelling Woes

Woe to them that cannot choose the right homophone, for they shall be misunderstood. Woe to those who misplace apostrophes, for they shall appear in my blog!

A sign on the door to my apartment building reads:

Please keep the door's
shut threw the winter.
Thank you.

I'm not sure what a "shut" is, exactly, nor where you would find one on a door.
Apparently, though, a shut hurls seasons away. Ours threw the winter, it seems.


Anonymous said...


The Ironic Catholic said...

I have a related one.

At my grad school, we had Wednesday morning chapel, with professors preaching. One called the secretary with her sermon title for the worship aid the day before. Imagine our amusement when we opened the worship aid and saw

Sermon: Eve's Dropping on Eden

(yeah, it was supposed to be Eavesdropping on Eden)

Our professor laughed so much in the pulpit she could barely preach the word.


Shakespeare's Cobbler said...

Well, "shew" is archaic English for "show", so maybe "threw" was a bad attempt at trying to be sophisticated?