Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Church Product!

The Bezalel & Oholiab Church Outfitting Company (Other wise known as BOCO Co) receives many requests for products to help accomodate the aging American churchgoing population. Often, believers of a certain age feel left out when the rest of the congregation is kneeling, because they can kneel, but they can't rise up into a seated position again.

Some of them are already benefitting from BOCO Co's Pew-Tastic pew cushion lifter. It works like those lifter seat cushions you can purchase for home use, but it's made for the narrower bench seats churches often feature.

Now, for the kneeler issue...

Here is a typical padded kneeler. And here is an illustration of how BOCO Co's new Uplifting Kneeler Experience will work.
Combine the Pew-tastic and the Uplifting Kneeler, and you have the Silver Saint Special! A perfect gift for those members who are especially big donors to your church's coffers.

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