Saturday, December 08, 2007

Eight Random Facts About Meme, er, Me

Having been tagged by Her Zacred Zaniness, the Ironic Catholic, here are 8 random facts about me. I’m really not this self-involved, usually.

8. No, I’m not Jewish, actually, but thanks for asking. I much prefer that question to “When are you getting married?”, “Chasing any women lately?”, and “What are you doing with that sickle?”

7. I’m actually enjoying listening to Christmas music this year. Of course, that means cds like Arthur Lyman’s “Christmas With a Vibe” and ones with titles like “Martinis and Mistletoe” or “Christmas in Dixieland,” and of course Handel’s Messiah. I still get cringe-y and blue at most of the mainstream stuff being played on radios everywhere. How many versions of “Chestnuts Roasting” and “Silver Bells” can there be, and yet all of them sound like wet mops?

6. Despite being a fan of old movies, I’ve never seen "Casa Blanca."

5. I’m finding this list very challenging. I’m a pretty boring person.

4. I have, in my lifetime, attended private school, public school, and homeschool.

3. I can’t drive a stick. Never learned.

2. Most recent theology/devotional book I read was The Smell of Sin by Don Evert. I actually would recommend it—and it’s really short, which is good.

1. I’m one of those evil people who receive memes, fill them out, and then don’t pass them on to the requisite number of other folks. Eight others, in this case.


The Ironic Catholic said...

How about Her Sacred Saniest?

This is so funny... I actually found it hard to do too. Thanks.

HMSnow said...

8) I like it best when the "What are you doing with that sickle?" question comes almost immediately after the "When are you getting married?" question.
7) Try "Go Tell It On The Mountain" by the Blind Boys of Alabama; they have the most raucous version of "Away in a Manger" you'll ever hear, as well as one of only two version of the title song that I actually like. (The other one was on the original Veggie Tales Christmas cd which, alas, was discontinued.)
6) You haven't missed much.
5) Boring people don't keep brains in jars.
4) No comment.
3) No comment.
2) No comment.
1) You may have spared eight people much agonizing. How evil can that be?

Terry said...

"The African Queen" was a better Bogart movie. "Casa Blanca" didn't have nearly as many leeches.

Allen said...

HMS, I'm rather fond of the Blind Boys, I just don't have their Christmas album. Would the Veggie album in question have Larry the Cucumber singing "Feliz Navidad" with the tuba solo that dissolves into "Chicken Dance"? I like that one. Also, Steve Taylor's mariachi take on Winter Wonderland from (probably out of print, too) "Our Christmas" is a huge favorite.

Terry, I did like "African Queen." Other great leech movies would be "Attack of the Giant Leeches" and "Mr Sardonicus." Neither are as artistically-advanced as African Queen, of course.

Why do I know these things?

angelmeg said...

Mrangelmeg stayed up late the other night to watch Casablanca for the very first time ever in his 46 years.

He really liked it. He would recommend it.

I went to bed, having seen it before.

Allen said...

"Of all the blogs in all the networks in all the universes, she had to stumble into mine..."

I'll probably see it one of these days, actually. It's just one of those I've somehow missed in my experience.