Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do you? DO YOU?!

Oh sure, we all know where the Muffin Man lives (Drury Lane, though we're not entirely certain about a house or apartment number,) but how many people really know the Muffin Man?

Do you even know his name (a factor that, curiously, the song never addresses)?

Could you pick him out of a line-up with, say, the Queen of Tarts, the Cabana Boy, the Michelin Man, the Good Humor Man, the Beer Man and Ball-Park Frank?

If you think you could, please contact local law enforcement. The Pillsbury Dough Boy has disappeared, and the Muffin Man is the chief suspect.


HMSnow said...

This appears to be a recurring theme with you. Are you sure that YOU might not be the muffin man? Just a theory.

HMSnow said...

Or maybe you're just covering for him. (Inquiring muffins want to know.)

Allen said...

If I were the Muffin Man, I would live on Drury Lane, right?

I'm fairly sure that I don't. See, the sign over there says "Drury Street"! Not "Drury Lane"!

Then again, in a much darker turn of events, it's possible that the Muffin Man subsists on fellow FairyLand native Drury Lane...

That should give you nightmares. It certainly does for me.