Monday, January 28, 2008

Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring...

Yesterday. Sunday morning service. Approximately 10:32 AM.

The minister stands at the pulpit, and has just begun to read the text, when the phone in the church basement begins to ring. There is no one in the basement to answer the phone at that moment, and there is neither answering machine nor voicemail service. The phone continues to ring.

The minister attempts to continue with the Scripture reading, but the phone keeps ringing.

Finally, concerned that it may be someone phoning about an emergency situation, a church member rises to descend into the basement to answer the persistent annoyance.

He returns, moments later, with a smile on his face and announces, "Dish Network."

Some weeks, the minister wonders if it wouldn't be better to just have a benediction and send the people home, after something like that.


John said...

My phone has only rung twice a few minutes before church. Both times it was church members. But I guess that I need to make safeguards just in case it goes off during the sermon and wakes up the congregation.

HMSnow said...

You could think of it in pragmatic terms as a way to evangelize Dish Network telemarketers. Tell them you'll sign up for their service if they'll first sit through yours.

Allen said...

I'll remember that if it happens again.