Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mind-boggling product

Our local drug store here advertises featured sale items on a big flashing arrow sign (but, no, we're not rednecks!) As I passed recently, they were advertising "nicotine lollipops." Now, I understand the basic purpose of such an item. Like nicotine gum, it's supposed to help fight the craving and oral fixation for those kicking the tobacco habit. (There's bound to be more and more of those here, since they recently banned smoking in public places here in IL.)

Gum I can understand. Lots of adults and kids chew gum--"It freshens your mouth and it whitens your smile. Oompah-Loompah, Doompah-dee-doo..." Lollipops, though? Have adults shamelessly (and non-ironically) sucked lollipops since the days when Telly Sevallis played Kojak (pop culture reference that hints at my age)?

Or is this a sign that kids are starting to smoke earlier and earlier?

Will we soon be seeing nicotine pacifiers?

I received my St Espressus t-shirt in the mail yesterday. Looks good. If you're interested in one, let me know. The shirts are a little more expensive because of the print on both front and back. I'll try and get an actual price posted soon.

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EegahInc said...

Hey, that pacifier idea might go over big where I live (Chicken farm country.) The locals smoke and chew tobacco before they learn to walk.

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