Monday, March 24, 2008

Post-Easter Musings

I've just been thinking this morning, (and when you're a brain in a jar, that's pretty much giving it your all) I am presently the same approximate age that Jesus was when he was crucified and then raised to life. Yet, I have not accomplished nearly the number of things that Jesus did in the same period of time. And I have the internet!

I have argued with Pharisees and Sadducees, and often won. At least, I think they were the Pharisees...

I have gotten separated from my parents in a crowded place, though not for 3 days.

I have done plenty of preaching, though I don't exactly have huge crowds of people interested in hearing me.

I have been angry enough to turn tables over, but not for righteous reasons.

I have prayed at graves, but never thought to call the deceased to life--and likely would've failed at that.

I have forgiven sins, but only ones committed against me, and never with God's authority.

I have been known to tell stories, but they don't usually enlighten people to the nature of the Kingdom of God.

I have been asked to read Scripture in church, but I never closed with, "Today this Scripture is fulfilled in your hearing."

I have called God my Father, but He started it by calling me "son."

I have carried a cross, but only to use as a sermon/lesson illustration.

I don't have 12 disciples, who hang on every word I say (Keeping my congregation awake some mornings is challenging enough!). Then again, one of those 12 betrayed him to his enemies who wanted him dead, so maybe that's not all bad.

I have never healed blindness, deafness, paralysis, leprosy or dropsy. In fact, I may on occasion have caused a couple of those.

I've never fed 5,000 people with a kid's sack lunch, but I did steal a little kid's lunch, once.

I have never been crucified, though there have been some church board meetings...

I have never risen from my grave after three days, though there have been Monday mornings when I might've sworn I'd been dead for a couple days.

I have never gone away and sent a comforter. I did leave behind a hairbrush on a trip, once.

I have never lived a sinless existence. Probably not even for 24 hours.

Gee! I've been lazy! I need to get going before many more years pass me by!

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The Ironic Catholic said...

The imitation of Christ continues....

Clever stuff.