Saturday, March 22, 2008

Tombsday Post

Actually, there is probably a cool, Latin-based name for the Saturday Jesus spent in the grave, but I don't know what it is (I know someone out there knows this! Help me out here!), so I'm calling it Tombsday.

The Good Friday service was not as well-attended as I would have liked, but I know some of our folks were out with that delightful flu strain that's going around. The service went well, in the sense that I did everything I planned and said all I intended to say. I'm not sure what people really thought of the whole thing, though. Maybe getting an actual casket would've been helpful to set the stage better. Oh well.

Getting to the real point, after 6 am sunrise service, breakfast, regular church services, and a probable dinner invitation, I'll likely return to my shelf in the lab without doing a Resurection Sunday post. So, anticipating that void...
Here, in lieu of anything profound, are some Easter-themed comics! (I especially like the huge grin on Jesus' face in the last one!)

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