Tuesday, April 01, 2008

On this day in history...

1153, Bjorn Thorrfindahl makes landfall near present-day Sweet Valley, AR, USA. Carves rune stone that is later translated "Am fifth day lost. GPS failed again. Buried beneath great oak tree."

1154, Thorrfindahl leaves behind another rune stone: "Chopped down great oak tree for firewood."

1390, French peasantry revolt in protest against wandering minstrels being replaced by travelling mimes.

1610, Bible translators in the employ of King James fabricate a 3rd Epistle of Peter and insert it after Lamentations as a joke. They are discovered and subsequently hanged for the offense. No one catches on to their other April Fool's gag: replacing the 53rd Psalm with a copy of the 14th.

1844, Dr Hermann Schoebler develops the rhinoprosthesis, an artificial nasal appliance for sufferers of facial disfiguration. With many different models to choose from, Schoebel makes it perfectly acceptable to pick your nose in public.

1908, Andrew Volling, inventor of the vinyl bicycle, is born.

1974, Future blogger and brain-in-a-jar, Allen is born.

2008, Allen's Brain invents an absurd story about a trip forward one week in time as an excuse for not blogging recently.

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