Monday, September 15, 2008

Yet another customized Bible!

Ernest & Julio Gospel Present:

The Spirits-Filled Believers Bible--The Holy Scriptures for people who like to drink!

Ever wondered:

-What sort of wine goes best with Lamentations?

-What beer Caleb son of Jephunneh would have ordered?

-Which kosher wines go best with pork chops?

-Precisely what martini recipe best demonstrates the Trinity?

-How to make a "Virgin Mary"?

-What sort of wine was used at the last supper?

-Which Scriptures are best for sobering you up after a long night of tippling?

-What was Ahab and Jezebel's secret cure for hangovers?

Now there's a Bible JUST FOR YOU!!! hic!

Includes many drink recipes which demonstrate spiritual truths!

Contains extensive studies on the various ancient words for "wine," "strong drink," and "beer"!

Lists helpful hints for sharing the Good News with guy on the bar stool next to you!

Read inspiring biographies of famous Christians who liked to drink!

Buy one now, and we'll throw in a Max DSH '08 bumper sticker, absolutely free!

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EegahInc said...

I'll take one of those. Ah heck, it's early, give me two!

Gregory said...

I can personally at...attack...atte...

I know it works! Here's a portion:

Tip: Ordering drinks for people can open up opportunities to share the Gospel!

I can't tell you how many great conversations I've gotten from that move, not to mention phone numbers!

Allen's Brain said...

Well, follow-up is important!