Friday, October 24, 2008

Attention, Heathen Scum!

Isn't everything made better with giant robots?

"Let. me. read. to. you. from. the. book. of. John."
(the immense Bible falls open) Crunch! Smash!
"I. am. sorry. about. your. dog. Also. about. your. Prius. For. God. so. loved..."

Evangelator's chassis appears to be a huge television, so maybe he also plays Billy Graham crusades for the entire neighborhood.

It looks like it's about to flatten the tan house on the left.
"I. am. sorry. for. your. loss. Isn't. it. good. news. that. your. eternity. can. be. secure?"

I imagine him plucking up clawfulls of people and heading for the nearest swimming pool.
"Here. is. water. What. prevents. you. from. being. baptized?"
Whereupon he would drop them into the pool.
(People shriek as they plummet to the water 20 feet below.)

Then, in 2010, Evangelator will take on Godzilla and Gamera in a battle for the souls of Tokyo--those that survive, anyway.

Comic from ReverendFun.

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PraiseDivineMercy said...

LOL... Someone should take that dialogue and put it with clips of Evangelion or something.