Saturday, October 25, 2008

Allen's Brain survives highschool lock-in; his body does not.

13 hrs of staying up all night with high-schoolers is for the birds--or at least for the brains-in-jars.

After about getting in around 4 good hours of sleep this morning, I'm really feeling the weariness seeping into my bones. It's odd. They're wired together, hanging on a rack in a bar geared to med students in Soho, but I can still feel how tired they are.

Things were going fine until this one guy got up and started talking... and talking... and he wouldn't shut up! He just kept going on and on about the Valley of Dry Bones in Ezekiel 37, and how God can put new life in you regardless of how hopeless and dead you may feel inside. And just when I thought he was done, he launched into his second point! I mean, come on! Just sit down, already!

It's tough to gauge high-schoolers' reactions. That is doubly true at 1 in the morning.

NaPraGoMo '08 is coming! Stay tuned!

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