Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Journey to Hell!

Another fine offering from Lio!
There is a finer theological point that cartoonist Mark Tatulli is almost certainly not making here. The perception is that the road to Hell must be certainly, well, Hellish--obviously so. If you are headed on the path to Hell, it must certainly be bordered on all sides by goat-headed demons posing for American Gothic and road signs with huge dripping letters in a garish color of red-orange saying "Pathway to the Inferno: This Way. Your Damnation is Closer than you Think!"

Unfortunately, the proverbial journey to Hell is lots of fun. The destination, however... Only Lio sees this rightly. The pint-sized theologian laughs at those Pharisaical individuals who apparently shudder, thinking, "God I thank you that I'm not like that tax collector." How closely some of them stick to the broad road, assuming that no undead menaces means no danger of Hell-fire!

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