Thursday, January 08, 2009

Girl Meets Boy

"That his body was a temple was very clear. What was less apparent to her was to just which deity it had been dedicated. By his looks, Anne suspected that it might have been Bacchus--god of wine and drunken feasting. Then again, maybe he belonged to Justice. She was supposed to be blind, after all..."

From Twenty Uses For A Burnt-Out Light Bulb,
a non-existent novel by Allen Hickerson


HMSnow said...


Other possibilities of temple dedication:
1. Cloacina, goddess of sewers
2. Mephitis, goddess of volcanoes, swamps, and all other locales known for generating noxious gases
3.Nodutus, the Roman god blamed for putting knots in corn stalks (note: possibly a precursor to alien/corn circle theories?)
4. Poena, goddess of punishment (because some people just seem to be an instrument of divine retribution)

I rather like Nodutus myself. When a pantheon gets overpopulated, division of labor becomes rather farcical, no doubt.

PaperSmyth said...

And there was much rejoicing!!! Welcome back to the lab.