Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Regular blogging may return soon

A breakthrough here at the lab may soon enable me to return to the blogosphere more regularly. The laptop is still out of commission. However, I have finally managed to get my proverbial hands on an old ENIAC, and have enabled it to surf the inter-webbings of the networked super-consciousnessness we typically call the 'Net. Having modified it thus significantly, I now call my new creation MANIAC*. It just has a satisfying ring to it, somehow. Sure, it's slow, but it's faster than the infinite number of monkeys in the dungeon next door. They're still using telegraphy, and their spelling is atrocious. So far, though, they have managed some impressive hacks in LOLCAT.

Does anyone know where I can purchase more vacuum tubes, by the way?

Hope to have some new Melvin very soon.
*Mightily Atomic Numerical Integrator And Computer

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