Friday, January 30, 2009

How to justify buying dashboard hula girls

I saw a great price recently on those spring-loaded dancing hula girls that go on the dashboard of your car.
However, I already have a Jesus bobble-head on my dashboard.

For such a great price, though, how could I pass up an opportunity on such a great piece of kitschy Americana? The real problem was that they came in a package of two.

Looks kinda' crowded and inexplicable. Then, I figured out what to do.

There we go: all Biblical and everything! But something's missing! Oh, yes. Of course!


HMSnow said...

The question arises: How can one pay attention to the road anymore with a dancing diorama on the dashboard? Of course, it would provide an instant talking-point between you and whatever law enforcement official happened to pull you over...

PaperSmyth said...

State Trooper: "Would you like to explain why you have these things blocking your view of the road?"

Allen: "I'm I preacher. I need to munti-task, and I use these guys to remind me of my vocation. You understand, brother? Can I get a hula-luja?"

Allen's Brain said...

Allen: Um... I'm following an inner path?

Valid point, both of you.


PaperSmyth said...

Allen, in all seriousness, where did you get the Jesus bobblehead? Because I may actually want one, if they aren't all that big or expensive...

Allen's Brain said..., I think. If that's not right, google filmmaker Kevin Smith. also has some different Jesus bobbleheads.