Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last Night

As I pulled up to the narrowed intersection in front of the golden arches, I observed that the road construction crew was not typical, to say the least.

The worker holding up the "SLOW" sign was dressed as Ronald McDonald with the addition of a neon green reflective vest. Grimace utilized the jackhammer. The Hamburglar kept running away with orange cones, and the Fry Guys were... well, I'm not sure what they were doing.

I think they might have been cheering on the pirates (yes. pirates) who were swinging on ropes through the midst of the chaos, nearly missing this or that piece of heavy equipment. Oddly, one pirate was not impersonating Tarzan. Instead, he was driving a go-cart built low to the ground with spinning brushes on each corner, cleaning up bits of debris from the yellow center line.

Work--and thus traffic--was slowed even further by all the people trying to get their pictures taken with the burger giant's advertising icons. What an annoyance!

The moral of the story, here, is Never eat chili with extra hot peppers just before bed.

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