Thursday, April 23, 2009

The 666th post of ICFAB!

Actually, the previous post, plugging the comic "Back On Earth," was the 666th. But after that, can you you understand my nervousness in continuing?

Actually, it's been a busy week here in Brainland. A good friend of mine fell down the church steps into the basement/fellowship hall (carrying food to a potluck dinner which took place after services), fracturing one ankle and spraining the other. (She claims that, while she did trip, her guardian angel, Shifty Ed, failed to catch her. But, since she didn't crack her noggin on the concrete, apparently someone was watching out for her.)

Needless to say, lots of bed rest with an elevated foot prevents the accomplishing of much else. So, I've been playing nursemaid, fixing meals, running errands, helping out with lifting and sitting, and preventing her from going insane--well... further insane.

Lost: One moral compass. If found, keep it. I wasn't using it anyway.

Looking for: a good second-hand second hand for my watch.

Found: Little Bo Peep's sheep. If you want them back, leave $10,000 in small, unmarked bills in a paper sack beneath the oak tree at the B.B. Wolf residence.


PaperSmyth said...

Double "ouch." I hope your friend has a speedy and full recovery.

Allen's Brain said...

Me three! ("Me too" with inflation)