Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Brain recovers from the long Easter weekend

Indeed, the Resurrection Sunday service went well. (I am wary of calling it an "Easter" service, since we don't live in the east.) Even the sunrise service (and subsequent breakfast--this year with leftover matzoh & charosheth next to the bacon and eggs) was well-attended. Even though our "sunrise service" took place at 6am, I've decided that you can call it a "Sonrise" service and hold it at 3 in the afternoon, if you want to.
The worst part of the main church service was that part at the end where this guy got up and talked for a long time. Gee! What a drag! Why don't they ditch him? The best part of the service? Calling up someone who wasn't there via cellphone and having everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to her.
Sorry. I have no good Easter comics this year. Check last year's entry.
The Easter egg hunt went fine, until one child decided that a certain atomically-enhanced brain-in-a-jar was a giant Easter egg. I still have a strand of pink grass in my jar, tickling my cerebellum.
We celebrated Passover on Friday, in lieu of a Good Friday service. That went well, I think. Elijah never showed up, though. I think he has a grudge against me for some reason.
The highlight (?) of the Passover meal came afterwards, when one ninety-something member discovered she had locked herself out of her house. It put a whole new spin on "Let my people go home!" The good news is that we managed to pry off a storm window and crawl in. Also good news was our discovery that taking up housebreaking as a second career was not a feasible option. Cornland is safe from the Blue Brain Gang for now.

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