Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Allen's Brain Risen From The Dead?

The foul-smelling mists swirl eerily; multi-colored lights twinkle faintly, occasionally illuminating the miasma; and otherworldly clicks, gratings and bleeping noises sound from somwhere within it all. Yup, Allen's found his old Atari!

Let's see... A week of Vacation Bible School followed by a week of camp with 3rd & 4th graders makes Allen a very tired brain. Now, he has less than a week before he goes back to another week of camp--5th & 6th graders this time.

Saw a peculiar license plate the other day. It said LIBRMN. Either that's the driver's last name or they REALLY supported our current VP. My friend Carrie suggested that it might be "Lie bear man" (or maybe "bare man.")

Imagine that! Encouraging the Bear Man to tell falsehoods! "Lie, Bear Man! Lie!"

"One time I caught a salmon THIS BIG! GRRRR! But you should've seen the one that got away!"

"I was climing a tree and it was so full of honeybees that I got stuck i the honey and had to lick myself loose! Grrr! And THEN a fish jumped out of the stream, RIGHT INTO the BEEHIVE! GRRR!"

"I think I'll go take a nap now, Grr."

Wait. Sorry. That was "Lie DOWN, Bear Man."

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The Ironic Catholic said...

You know, Jesus was raised in 3 days, not weeks.

Details, details!

Hang in there--