Thursday, February 18, 2010

You know you're in redneck territory when...

Attended the funeral of a church member yesterday. They dismissed everyone out the side door, and then closed it back up to give the family a chance for a "final goodbye."

As I stood outside, waiting, (and wondering when they were going to pass out those little bags of rice or birdseed) I observed the cars for the family of the deceased and the van for the flowers, but...


In the place the funeral coach usually stood was a red pickup truck, tailgate standing open, waiting.

"Surely not!", thought I, but, Oh, how I had underestimated things!

They brought the casket out and placed it in the bed of the pickup truck. At the head was a tube-shaped bag of sand to keep from scratching up that end of the coffin. At the other end, John Deere green strapping, passed through the end handle of the casket before being hooked to the other side of the bed and ratcheted tight.

That was certainly a new one on me!

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