Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Another archival discovery

A note I scribbled on a legal pad during a church board meeting, 12 years ago or better:


   The committee members have all died.  No one has noticed.  They're still accomplishing the same amount of things they always have.  Maybe more.  Pushing up daisies, is, after all, recognizable activity.  However, no one has made a motion in years; but this is too grave a subject to discuss.  At least, until tomb-morrow.  Now, to sit on the committee, you have to go to the cemetery.  All further meetings will be held in Mausoleum Hall.  Committee members must be truly dead-icated, of corpse, and prepared for great undertakings, and all that rot.

Did I mention that there were a few bad puns sprinkled throughout?  Huh... You'd think I'd point that out.  No one is that sadistic!  Right?

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PaperSmyth said...

Um, I'd almost wager it was a Cemetery Committee Meeting, but your church doesn't have it's own cemetery so I'd be dead wrong... or does it?

(Yeah, taken too many notes at meetings myself lately. Bored [of] Meetings.)