Friday, May 21, 2010

Po-entecost Sunday, pt 2

Other folks there simply mocked.
They gave a nudge and winked.
The problem with these fellows is
They’ve had too much to drink!

Then Peter stood up with the group
Of Eleven and he spoke,
“Listen to me and I’ll explain
“What some of you think is a joke!”

“My fellow Jews, now hear me out,
“Pay attention and don’t mock.
“For these aren’t drunk, as you suppose,
“For it’s only nine o'clock.”

"What you see before you,
“Is prophecy come true.
“And what the prophet Joel said,
“I will repeat for you.”

“In the last days, says the Lord,
“My spirit I will pour,
“Upon all people, old & young,
“Men & women, rich & poor.”

"Sons & daughters will prophesy,
“Visions will be seen by the young.
“The old will dream prophetic dreams.
“Even slaves will prophets become!”

“Wonders in the sky, I’ll give,
“And signs on earth below.
“Fearful signs like blood and fire
“And smoke which is seen to billow.”

“The sun shall be turned to darkness,
“The moon shall blood become.
“This shall take place before the glorious
“Day of the Lord shall come.”

“But fear not, there is good news,
“Which makes lost sinners rave,
“Whoever calls upon the name
“Of the Lord will be saved!”

“With wonders, miracles & signs
“God endorsed Jesus of Nazareth
“But by God’s plan you gave him up
“And had him put to death.”

“But God freed him from the sting of death
“And raised him to life again,
“For it was impossible for the grave
“To keep a grip on him.”

“King David foresaw this,
“Here’s what he had to say,
“You won’t abandon your Holy One,
“Or let him experience decay.”*

“But David spoke not of himself,
"His grave’s still occupied,
“He spoke about a descendant of his.
“You see, he prophesied”

“God promised Dave a descendant
“Would always sit on his throne,
“And the one he meant was Jesus,
“Who in the grave was not left alone.”

“God surely raised up Jesus,
“We testify, now hear it,
“He ascended into Heaven, and now
“He’s sent his Holy Spirit.”

“Jesus sat down at God’s right hand,
“And you can be assured,**
“The Jesus whom you crucified
“Is Messiah and is Lord!”
*In point of fact, the quotation in Acts 2:25-28 is significantly longer, and is important to what Peter is saying. However, I wanted to get at the central point of it, David prophesied that the Holy One (Jesus) would rise from the grave.
**Be a southerner with me, here, and pronounce "assured" as "a'shored."

Po-entecost Sunday, pt 1


PaperSmyth said...

Such bravery: I still can't believe you got all the place names in! Wow! Wish I had the guts to do something like this.

A joyous Pentecost, Allen!

Allen's Brain said...

Go for it, P.S.!
Glad you enjoyed it.

The Ironic Catholic said...

Very clever indeed!