Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vanity Plates for Bible Characters

Apparently, the idea of vanity license plates is much older than we thought. Even in ancient times, people wanted to put some of their personality on the hindquarters of their mode of transportation.

Can you guess who these belonged to?


Shark Bait said...

It took a while, but I think I got them all, except the second one.

I only figured out the last one when I saw which state it was from. :-)


Allen's Brain said...

In retrospect, that second one is pretty geeky, and I'd be surprised if anyone got it. Oops.

I'll post answers tomorrow.

Shark Bait said...

I get the clue for number 2, I just am not 100% sure who it refers to.

There are a few options, but I am assuming the answer is actually meant to be the guy who can not use this plate actually?

Shark Bait said...

Since no one else is playing, let me hazard a guess or two.

D9GGUS3X - Peter (Denying Jesus Three times) Was he from Kentucky because he was chicken?

LEVIR8 - Onan? (Levirate)

Y ME - Could be anyone who ever cried out to God, but due to the State (Missouri/Misery) I am assuming Job. (If it was Wales, I would have said Jonah)

LONR DNKY - Jesus (Loaner Donkey)

S2 4 TR8 - Jacob or Esau. (Stew for trade)

RGNLSIN - Adam (Original Sin) Love the fact that it's a 'Garden State'

DAD2MNE - Abraham? (Dad to many)

1K WIMN - Solomon (1000 Women) Only in Utah.

Allen's Brain said...

Nice work! Have you read Melvin, yet?