Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 Things I've Been Enjoying Lately

 1. Listening to episodes of the exciting old radio adventure show "Escape." (bought vol. 1 from OTRCat.com)

 2. The reprieve from the intense summer heat & humidity.

 3. Gardening. Anybody need green beans?

 4. My new (to me) french press coffee maker--purchased at a garage sale for $1!

 5. Netflix. I've been able to rent old and odd (Just watched Murnau & Flaherty's 1931 South Seas tale "Tabu." Where can I rent that in my neighborhood? I actually would recommend it, btw. Really beautiful cinematography.)

 6. The positive response to my "Jesus in Jeans" sermon series.

 7. Dressing-down on Sunday mornings to emphasize #6.

 8. Finding pizza restaurants that serve jalapeno & anchovy as toppings.

 9. The Sunday crosswords. (old habit, but still derive a thrill from the challenge)

10. The knowledge that I don't have a yard to mow.

I could make this a meme, and tag people with it, I guess, but I don't think I will. If you want to share your "10 Things you've been enjopying lately," do so in the comments box, or put them on your blog/facebook/whatever and let me know. If you have things you've been enjoying lately, but can't think of 10, I'd still like to hear about them.

If you need a spiritual angle for this, call it "counting your blessings."

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