Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If idle hands are the devil's playground...

... then what of the bored brain?

In a moment of nostalgia, Allen's Brain remembers the days when he helped pay for his college education by washing dishes in the college cafeteria. Anyone who has held this position knows how little mental activity is required for the job.

So, the idle brain turned to musical parody. In this case, it was a parody of the famous "Do Re Mi" song from "The Sound of Music." Many versions have been composed, I'd imagine*. Mine went like this:

Do - The stuff they make bread with.
Re - A dead Egyptian god.
Mi - The end of some Greek verbs.
Fa - The first half of "facade."
So - To throw seeds in the dirt.
La - I cannot sing a note.**
Ti - The last letter in "Bert."
Which brings us back to "Doh!"***

I never said it was good...
*My favorite is the beer version, in which nearly every line ends with the word "beer." Okay, fine!
"Do, the stuff that buys me beer. Re, the guy that sells me beer. Me, the guy that drinks the beer. Fa, a long way from the can. So, I'll have another beer. La, I'll have another beer, Ti, No thanks, I'm having beer. Which brings us back to Do" (though I thought the line could be improved by Homer Simpson singing "back to Moe's.")
**This line sounds best when you can crack your voice like a 13-year-old boy on the word "note."
***As in Homer Simpson's favorite interjection. At the time, I had never seen "The Simpsons," but enough guys parroted the trademark sentiment that I was familiar with it--even if I didn't know the source.

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