Monday, May 09, 2011

Assorted stuff

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The Beastie Boys have a new album out. In it, they are passionate about pacifism. They've remixed their biggest hit, so that it now goes something like, "You've got to fight--for the right--to not fight--for the right--to parrrrr-tay!"

I was in a Barnes & Noble/Starbucks cafe yesterday. They some new piece of equipment that looked pretty cool. I think it was some sort of oven, actually. I told the girl at the counter that I was admiring the new machinery, and then placed my usual order: Venti, iced back coffee.

"Do you want cream with that?" she asked, automatically, of the dork whose eyes were still looking past her at the big black cube with buttons and glowing display screens.

I glanced her way, "No, thank you. Just black please." So very cool, and high-tech, and gadget-y!

"It makes everything taste better," the barista commented.

"No. I prefer it black. Thanks," I replied.

"Oh! No! I wasn't telling you how to have your drink!" she said.

'Twas then I realized she had been talking about the oven.  Had a good laugh about that.

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