Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tempted to buy for a Church Christmas display

You have probably seen this Playmobil brand nativity set toy somewhere. I saw this one at Barnes & Noble the other day.

Why the "Allen's Brain in a Santa hat logo? Because I saw something being sold on the same table with this Nativity. It was also by Playmobil, and it was actually intended for a different Christmas "market" set, but--

Well, anyway, the big (?) reveal...

Yup, Sanity Claus, a snowman, and some toys! So want to buy 'em both, and set the supplementary Seasonal figures up in the stable. Give Jesus a teddy bear. Or replace him with the teddy bear, to see if anyone notices. Kringle's already on the box label, anyway (lower left corner.) Maybe I could make them Magi, bearing gifts of plush, soccer, and dolly! I could add my crash test dummy action figure as the third, if we MUST have 3.

Now I just need a teeny menorah!


hmsnow.novelist said...

Nothing for Kwanzaa? What about adding figures from the Hugo Chavez nativity? (

If you really want to be culturally and socially relevant, the three Magi would be from Occupy Wall Street, bearing the heads and/or other significant body parts of corporate robber barons to offer to Jesus as the beginning of His kingdom come on earth...?

Allen's Brain said...

Somehow, I think OWS would object to giving anything--especially to someone as one-percenty as a king.

Allen's Brain said...

I hadn't heard about the Chavez creche. Wow! That's sad--and a great sermon illustration. Gonna see if I can find some pics.