Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Ancient Persian Political Ad, Purim 2012

Does Achashverosh deserve the royal throne?

He claims that he's all about hard work and careful spending, BUT he just spent the last 180 days throwing a lavish party for all of Persia's already-overpaid government officials!

He claims he's pro-family values--that he believes "Every man should be the ruler in his own house"--BUT he recently held a week-long drunken stag party where he asked his wife to be the central attraction! THEN he banished her when she refused, and is holding a beauty pageant to pick his next wife!

Achashverosh. Can we trust him? Probably not, but what choice do we have? He's the king.

"I'm King Ach-- Achashi-- I'm King Xerxes, and I, hic, approve this--massage."

This ad paid for by Citizens Against Personal Impalement. We love you, Your Majesty!

That' right, folks! It's Purim again!


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