Wednesday, March 07, 2012

TV Ad for, Purim 2012

Are you young? Beautiful? Vivacious? Single?

Are you tired of other dating services where the guys just aren't what they appear to be in their online profiles? Are you ready to finally find the man of your dreams--the one who really IS rich, really IS powerful, who really DOES have a big, beautiful house with lots of servants?

Then you're ready for! Other dating sites promise you'll meet a handsome prince, but only offer frogs. With, we promise that a real, live, single king will view your profile! And your face. And... every other angle. But that's okay, because you're young and beautiful, right?

AND if you sign up right now, we'll throw in a VERY special bonus: A year-long membership at the empire-famous Hegai's Harem Spa, where you'll receive the best pampering and beauty treatments the king's money can afford!

Stop meeting frogs! Have your very own fairy tale romance RIGHT NOW, with a man who will treat YOU like a queen!!

(Some restrictions apply. Must reply in person and win a beauty contest to qualify. Offer not valid outside the empire. See Harem personnel for details.)


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