Friday, March 09, 2012

Folger's Crystals, Purim 2012

Esther: I’ve replaced our regular coffee with Folger’s Crystals. Let’s see who notices.

King: Wow, that meal was really good, Honey. And your coffee is good, as always.

Esther: Well, actually, that’s not my regular coffee. It’s Folger’s Crystals!

Haman: This is instant? I’d never have known! Just like that pizza we ate!

King: You mean the one that wasn’t delivery; it was DiGiorno? And how about that margarine?

Haman: I STILL can’t believe it’s not butter!

(They all laugh)

King: I wonder if there’s anything else that isn’t what it seems to be!

Esther: Well, remember how I wanted to ask you for something?

King: Of course.

Esther: Well, I want you to save my life and the lives of my people–because, you see, I’m Jewish!

Haman: (spit take)

King: What? Who would want to kill you and your family?!

Esther: (pointing) That. Wicked. Haman.

Haman: (another spit take)

King: You know, Haman. You’re always saying we should hang out more. I think YOU SHOULD!


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