Wednesday, March 07, 2012

StyleWatch, Purim 2012

And now, our StyleWatch correspondent, Sarah Shallow:

Well, the royal palace has really been buzzing this week! As you know, King Xerxes has been trying out contestants for quite some time now on his reality show "Future Housewives of Elam Province." And the red carpet has been packed with a bevy of beauties, but none caught the king's eye quite like a young lady known to us only as "Esther." Esther, as you know, is our Persian goddess of love and beauty, and the nickname really fits! She is a stunning exotic beauty! Definitely NOT the girl-next-door!

None of my sources have been able to sniff out who she really is, or why she's keeping it a secret. Rumor has it that her real name is Hadassah bat-Abihail, and that she was an orphan raised by her cousin Mordecai, who is a palace official. If that's true, then she may have an inside track to the royal life.

But none of that matters to the king. He is more taken with her than with any other girl he's auditioned. As far as he's concerned, she is Esther, Queen of Persia! That's right! We'll be hearing royal wedding bells pretty soon! I'll be here to bring you all the news about her dress and everything else in our exclusive report tomorrow!

For StyleWatch, I'm Sarah Shallow.


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