Tuesday, October 02, 2012

B'Midbar Diaries 2

Dear Diary,

The inter-tribal beach valley ball tournament was very exciting -- while it lasted. Everything was going quite well until team Levi lost, and we had to stop using the tabernacle courtyard curtain as a net.  No one else can go back there, y'know. I guess it's a good thing, though. The whole thing seemed to be making Moses and Aaron pretty nervous. And when Moses gets nervous, it's "Hello, plagues!"

At any rate, we'll have a formidable beach valley ball team, should we ever meet up with any other nations. Moses keeps dropping hints about the Canaanites being the ones to defeat in the Promised Land, so that sounds promising.

Okay, kids, that's enough picking on one another! Let's play a game. No, really! It'll be fun! This is called the alephbet game. You go through the letters of the alephbet, and try to find things around you that begin with that letter. Okay, here we go!

Aleph! What begins with aleph? That's right! Aleph (cattle, oxen) begins with aleph!

How about Beth? Yes! Beth-Israel! (house of Israel) They're certainly all around us, aren't they? No such thing as privacy here, is there? Why, you can't even say something in your own tent without your inlaws and five other families hearing you! Boy, I tell you what --

Huh? Oh... right... the game. Gimel! What begins with gimel? Very good, Rachael! Gamal (camel) begins with gimel! Kinda looks like one, too, doesn't it?

Dear Diary,

Leprosy is an incredibly icky disease! I wouldn't wish that on anybody! Note to self: remind the family to never make fun of Moses' wife!

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