Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The B'Midbar Diaries 3

Dear Diary,

When God first sent us this "bread from heaven," we called it "manna," which means "What is this stuff?" Weeks and months later, we're all asking ourselves "What is this stuff good for?" Sure, ya grind the manna pellets to flour and ya make bread with them. But that gets old. Manna pancakes for breakfast. Manna patties for lunch. Manna biscuits with manna gravy for supper, and manna cake for desert!

Just once, I'd like to wake up and have something else to eat besides manna! You know, like -- Well, I'm sure we could think of something...

Hey Moses! Whatcha doin'?

Yes, I can see that you are writing. Very nice penmanship, by the way. What I meant was, what are you writing down? More burning bush stories?

Oh. Well, look, Moses -- just so we're clear about this -- the golden calf was not my idea!

Well... yeah. I did suggest the eyebrows would add a look of majesty to it, but I just wanted to -- you know -- support local artists, and all that...

Yes, I think we all agree, in retrospect, it was a very bad thing to do!
So, ya got a name for this book yet?

The Ten what? Commandments? Huh. Okay.

Well, sure, I like it alright, I guess. But do you think anyone's gonna want to the movie rights to something with THAT title?

Okay, kids! Let's sing a song. What'll it be?

Manna in the morning,
Manna in the evening,
Manna at supper time...

Well, that certainly has possibilities! What? Sing what now?
Hava Nagi-what?
Nah, I've never heard of that one.

Dear Diary,

Finally, a break from the mann-otony! (heh-heh)

Moses says it's time to celebrate Passover! Finally we get some meat! And herbs! Do you suppose we'll be having manna matzoh?

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PaperSmyth said...

"manna matzoh"


I'm going to be thinking about this all day now. The great mysteries, you know. :-)

Thanks for the laughs over the last few posts.