Friday, June 02, 2006

Camp prep update

In a previous post, I alluded to preparation for an upcoming week of camp.
The last of the skits I was writing for that week are now done, and the cast is probably ready to kill me for giving them such corny lines and off-beat sight gags.
The titles for my Vespers sermons are finalized, so there's no turning back on that now. Just as a preview, here are the sermon titles. Keep in mind, we're doing an Egyptology/Archaeology theme with the ultimate undercurrent being the search for Truth.

Sun: What is the treasure?
Mon: Who wants the treasure?
Tues: Recovering stolen treasure!
Wed: Finding Lost treasure!

Those are great titles! I just need some sermons that will go with them!

Thursday is the final night, and it's a program geared for the families & friends of the campers. There's no "Vespers Service" that night.

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