Friday, October 27, 2006

Weekend Lock-ins & Cheap Costumes

I spent much of yesterday substitute teaching Bible class at Springfield Christian School. Talk about a cakewalk of a day! The eighth graders had "abstinence class," so they didn't have Bible that day. The seventh graders worked on a study sheet over a couple chapters of 2 Kings that took the whole class period. The sixth graders watched the second half of "Joseph: King of Dreams." Did I really even need to be there? Oh well. I'm getting paid for my time.

I'm headed down this afternoon to Literberry to help out with their highschool lock-in, and then probably back home to nap.

Because you don't want to be caught on Halloween without a costume, here is a practically no-budget solution! Extra points for showing up at your festive function dressed as me!

Listening to: a combination of falling rain, radio news (NPR), and "Ambient Egypt," by Douglas Irvine

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