Friday, April 27, 2007

Now I’ve Heard Everything!

Proof that this universe is corrupted by the stupefying power of sin manifested itself to me today.

On National Public Radio, there is a brief program called “The Writer’s Almanac.” It’s hosted by Garrison Keillor, of “A Prairie Home Companion” and Lake Wobegon Days. It’s a radio calendar of famous events and birthdays of authors, poets, inventors and other inspiring luminaries.

This morning, Keillor announced:
It's the birthday of the man who created the "Left Behind" series of novels, Tim LaHaye, born in Detroit, Michigan (1926). In 1995—with his collaborator, Jerry B. Jenkins—he started writing the books depicting The Rapture and its aftermath. The books have become a publishing phenomenon, outselling books by John Grisham and Stephen King. The first book in the series still sells about 100,000 copies a month. It's been estimated that one out of every eight Americans has read at least one of the novels.

Let us pause a moment and weep.


Gregory said...

I love Garrison. I don't know why he would try to wound us in this way.

This is truly disheartening.

No, seriously though, I hate those fracking books.

The Ironic Catholic said...

I'm sorry. So deeply, deeply sorry.

(solidarity in sobbing)

Rob said...

Lahaye's material is also available in a graphic novel format, proving yet once again that drivel can ruin any genre.

Anonymous said...

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Allen said...

Are the characters in the graphic novel based on the "actors" in the "movie" version?
Imagine Kirk Cameron as a cartoon character--or should that be, imagine him a as a real live person?

brent said...

Tears obscure my monitor.

And they say no one reads...