Thursday, September 06, 2007

Mild Retractions and Art Appreciation

I stated on Tuesday that Buckingham Palace had hired it's first female beefeater. It's actually the Tower of London. My apologies to the queen.

I received this pic of a sunset in a warm-fuzzy, inspirational email today.

For some reason, I now have an intense craving for bacon and eggs. Any idea why?


HMSnow said...

I assume that a craving for bacon and eggs wasn't what the warm-fuzzy email intended to inspire, but... mmmm. Bacon and eggs. Maybe a nice, crunchy piece of buttered toast to go with it. Mmmm.

The Ironic Catholic said...

orange eggs and ham
I will not eat it Sam I am

Allen said...

You will not eat it,
So you say,
But taste it, taste it and you may,
Taste it and you may, I say!

But you probably won't.
You seem pretty set against it.

How about a nice big plate of Sox ala Fox?