Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Christmas Miracle!

London. Christmas Eve, 1923.

The riddle posed to Job by God is solved. Apparently you can draw out Leviathan with a hook--if it's an ornament-hanging hook. (Job 41:1)

Picture by Edward Gorey, 1990.


HMSnow said...
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HMSnow said...

do like Edward Gorey. So macabre, so understatedly funny.

Just thought I'd spread the word. Capstone Fiction finally got the revised/expanded/retitled version of my first book ready for public consumption. I put a link to the pdf excerpt on Athenaeum if you want to check out the new prologue.

Joyeux Noël

Allen said...

I'm a Gorey fan, m'self. I gave out Gorey Christmas cards this year. I'm gonna hear about that from my congregation, I think.

So glad to hear the new revision is finally out. I'll go pick up a copy in the next day or two.

You could return the favor and buy my new book . . . but I don't have one.