Monday, December 03, 2007

HolyDay fun widgets for your desktop

The screenmate/deskmate craze is pretty much gone, but I found some little gadgets of festive silliness that go right on your desktop and add some Christmas cheer.

The Christmas tree starts out as a bare tree trunk which suddenly sprouts thick foliage and then decorates itself, complete with flickering candles. All of this to the optional accompaniment of various Christmassy tunes.
The Christmas ball is a variation on the lava lamp. Instead of a tall glass cone, you have a round, transparent Christmas tree ornament. Choose from seven different colors of goo, or--my personal favorite--position seven of them around your desktop, each in a different color!

For the liturgically-minded, this is an Advent wreath that lights a candle each of the four weeks of Advent. I'm not sure if the central "Christ candle" appears on week 4 or not, but that would be cool.

You can find them all here.

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