Monday, January 07, 2008

The best part of waking up . . .

. . . Is brain juice in your cup?

Would you absorb my thoughts if you drank this? Seems like the plot of a B-movie: a mad scientist turns people in psychically-controlled zombies who carry out his will by making them drink coffee made from his cerebro-spinal fluid. To make it a true 1950s scifi/horror film, we'd have to include radioactive isotopes, of course. It would be called "Coffee Shop Zombies of Dr Cerebro!" (Go watch "The Creature with the Atom Brain," "The Brain that Wouldn't Die," "Donovan's Brain," "The Atomic Brain" and "Brain from Planet Arous," and see what you come up with!)

As for me, I would add another tube at the bottom of the coffee pot to circulate the fluid through the coffee grounds and then back into my brain.

Buy a print here, if you wish.

Add your own cheesy scifi title--and any other remarks--in the comments box.

Listening to: "The Blob (and other creepy sounds)" from Monstrous Movie Music

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